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Some of my instagram favourites (@scandinavianlovesong) from the past month. 

wednesday wish list


wednesday wish list

I love making wish lists, not only for birthdays and Christmas, but also for myself. I like them, because they keep me focused on the things I really, like really really, want and thereby avoid making any wrong purchases that I later will regret. Right now, we are (well, I am) trying to complete the living room. Not that it's not fully furnished or anything, but it's just not quite where I want it to be yet, do you know that feeling? We have already purchased a String shelving system and a Souk Wool Rug from West Elm, though still waiting for them to arrive - come on, this girl is really impatient! Nevertheless, the above six things are some additions, I would love to add to our living room area - well, except number 5 - those would probably end up in the kitchen. 

Nr. 1: I first saw this print at Bungalow5 and fell in love with it immediately. I am planning a new photo wall next to our dining table and I think this oak print would fit perfectly among some black and white photos and illustrations. 

Nr. 2: The Flos 265, designed in 1973 by Paolo Razzato, will be our next big purchase for the living room, so we better start saving. 

Nr. 3: I must admit, I never understood all the fuss about the Lyngby Porcelain vases. Maybe it's because, I remember my mother's old one, which had a really ugly flower print on it. But when they started making them in black, I certainly changed my mind. This will fit perfectly anywhere in my apartment. 

Nr. 4: The Little Joseph head designed by Maxim Velcovsky for the design collective Qubus. Some find it creepy. Some find it disturbing. I find it absolutely amazing. For some reason, I like to add these somewhat gloomy, small details to our apartment, and the Joseph head would be a perfect addition.

Nr. 5: Catherine Lovatt's cups designed for the Belgian firm Serax as a part of her Family Set. This series has not that I know of (correct me, if I'm wrong) made it into the Danish market yet, which is quite obscure, if you ask me. You find them on several Swedish and Norwegian webshops and the minimalistic and soft design is to me just the essence of Scandinavian interior design (though designed by a French artist for a Belgium firm, ahem), so pretty please start selling them in Denmark soon!

Nr. 6: I need a natural basket, and that's the end of that discussion. 

Naming this post 'Wednesday wish list" kinda makes it sound like a recurrent theme, doesn't it? Maybe not every Wednesday, but now and then. Hope that's okay with you, and please do let me know, what you are dreaming about these days?

Enjoy the rest of your evening. 

white and bright | stylizimo livingroom


Scandinavian love song - Scandinavian interior - white living room
Scandinavian love song - Scandinavian interior - white living room
Scandinavian love song - Scandinavian interior - white living room

I am so in love with what Nina Holst behind the stylizimo blog recently did in her livingroom area. It all looks so cool and calm, but without getting boring in any way. The black accents work very well in contrast to the all-white couch, walls and floor - and check out that amazing rug that really elevates the room to a whole new level. I also like, how she uses green plants to make the place look more homely. I definitely wouldn't mind to just kick back in that couch and relax - preferably barefooted so that I could really feel that soft rug under my feet.  

big things have small beginnings


This is definitely a big thing for me. My first blog post on my first blog. Making a blog has been on my mind for about five years now, - yes, you may call me a late bloomer. I guess I just never have had the time, knowledge, or, well, guts to turn my thoughts into reality. Now, I have and I'm so excited. 

To begin with, I had, as many (or most?) other bloggers probably also have, trouble figuring out, how to begin everything, which platform, theme, name, language, content etc. to choose and this has sort of been my reason for pushing the idea of this blog in front of me, instead facing it and turning it into reality. Thus, in a small and 'no-risk' attempt to try out my thoughts about a future blog, I started a new Instagram profile in January 2014 with a new feed focus - me and my hubby's newly renovated apartment. The profile quickly became a new and profound hobby for me, and here, six months after, I am now ready to take it to the next step: starting this blog. 

Being Danish, I guess I have always had a great fondness of Scandinavian interior and lifestyle. A fondness that has only grown bigger and bigger over the last year as a result of the renovation and having to start all over again in terms of decorating our new apartment. So, it seemed in it's place to make this blog my love song to Scandinavia, - Scandinavian interior, design and lifestyle. The blog will be a reflection of what I find inspiring, and hopefully, it will inspire you too.



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