big things have small beginnings


This is definitely a big thing for me. My first blog post on my first blog. Making a blog has been on my mind for about five years now, - yes, you may call me a late bloomer. I guess I just never have had the time, knowledge, or, well, guts to turn my thoughts into reality. Now, I have and I'm so excited. 

To begin with, I had, as many (or most?) other bloggers probably also have, trouble figuring out, how to begin everything, which platform, theme, name, language, content etc. to choose and this has sort of been my reason for pushing the idea of this blog in front of me, instead facing it and turning it into reality. Thus, in a small and 'no-risk' attempt to try out my thoughts about a future blog, I started a new Instagram profile in January 2014 with a new feed focus - me and my hubby's newly renovated apartment. The profile quickly became a new and profound hobby for me, and here, six months after, I am now ready to take it to the next step: starting this blog. 

Being Danish, I guess I have always had a great fondness of Scandinavian interior and lifestyle. A fondness that has only grown bigger and bigger over the last year as a result of the renovation and having to start all over again in terms of decorating our new apartment. So, it seemed in it's place to make this blog my love song to Scandinavia, - Scandinavian interior, design and lifestyle. The blog will be a reflection of what I find inspiring, and hopefully, it will inspire you too.



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