perfect morning


Breakfast is undoubtedly my favorite meal of the day and this is how the perfect weekend morning looks to me. 

I'm usually the one who gets up first in the weekend, which gives me time to enjoy my first cup of coffee, before he wakes up and we eat breakfast together. Most times, I make breakfast for him, which 9 out of 10 times will consist of my healthy banana waffles with different kinds of toppings (it's not because I'm unimaginative, we just really love those waffles - which my instagram followers surely have noticed :-) ). But yesterday, he went for full-grown croissants, ham and brie, while I set the table. Then we sat there and talked and ate and listened to Billie Holiday and planned the day... perfect. 

What does your perfect morning look like?

more green


As I wrote yesterday, I have a thing for green these days, so when I found this apartment for sale at Stadshem, I had to share it with you. Just looking at the pictures makes me happy - all that green and natural light! Such a nice and welcoming atmosphere. I also really like the book styling, which you might remember I wrote about a while back

Do you have any nice plans for the weekend? Besides getting over my cold, we have some bigger projects going on in the apartment these days - which is also why, I haven't shown any pictures from the apartment in a while. It's all those finishing touches that we didn't get around to last year, when we renovated the apartment. Really (!) boring stuff like painting doors and window frames, finishing joints and building a closet in the hall way for our washer and tumble drier. Our hope is to finish all these projects before we travel to Japan in October - now that is something I look forward to! So if you have any tips for places to see, eat or experience in Tokyo or Kyoto please let me know :-)

source: Stadshem

green | mood board



Today, I have green on my mind. Preferably, dark bottle green. Still planning my picture wall (I'm getting closer), I would love to add Lotta Agaton's upcoming print together with Märta Hanssons Ginko print to my list. And then obviously lots of plants. I love, love, love Elvera's plant styling on the lower right picture. I have to try that out one day.    

I hope you'll have a wondefull weekend!

x Johanne

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clothing rail


Just a quik hello from me today - as I once again have gone down with a cold. Second one in two weeks and this is getting quite frustrating. I'll make sure to get my vitamins and lots of sleep this time :-)

However, I just wanted to show you these pics that Jennifer from A Merry Mishap just posted on her blog. First of all, I have loved talented Annaleena's minimalistic rails since I first laid my eyes on them and hope that one of them will be mine one day. Second of all, this must be the most clever way of using them, I have seen so far. I love the contrasts in these pictures, and the rail just works so well - part practically and part aesthetically like a sculpture against all the white. 

You can buy them here in both black and white and different shapes - and they ship worldwide!

Have a great day everybody!

MOEBE | frame


How cool is this frame? VERY cool, if you ask me :-) It's designed by MOEBE, - a Scandinavian design brand based in Copenhagen, founded by cabinetmaker, Anders Thams, and architect, Martin D. Christensen. A design duo that aims at keeping things as simple as possible - just the way I like it. 

The frame is simply put together by four pieces of oak and two pieces of plexiglass; held together by a rubber band, which also functions as the mounting. 

I see endless possibilities with this frame, which comes in two sizes (A4 and A3), and in my planning of the new gallery wall, these seem to be ideal additions. 

source: MOEBE

chair love | thonet


Hi there. Hope your week has been off to a good start? I just returned back home after two days of Photoshop course in Aarhus and I'm so exhausted. I have learned so much and my head his buzzing with all this new knowledge. Very exciting.  

However, I want to return to the seating department, as I have fallen completely in love with a chair. I'm obviously talking about the Thonet chairs and I think the above pictures speak for themselves! Gorgeous, right?

The history of these chairs started back in the middle of the 19th century, when Michael Thonet opened his first bent furniture plant. Thonet patented the bent wood technique and that seems to have been a pretty wise move as this technique made it possible to mass-produce the chairs at low costs, making them some of the most produced and iconic chairs in history - we're talking millions and millions! The company still exists, but is today called Ton. As the above pictures indicate, the chairs have become increasingly popular in Scandinavian interior design in recent years, and I'm a fan! However, they are quite expensive, if you want to buy them from new now, but you can be lucky to find them second hand for much less. I hope I will one day.  

Have a lovely evening. 
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lovedales studio


A small Monday tip for you, dear readers. I first heard about Lovedales Studio on Instagram, when I started eyeing the "Bat Cat" print in the homes of many of my favourite instagrammers. It immediately caught my attention, so I thought I would share this little sunshine story and gem of a webshop with you guys.

Lovedales Studio is a Norwegian graphic design and illustration company run by the talented Hanne Løvdal. Hanne has been working in the magazine business for several years until she quit her job in 2013 to open her own business. I love hearing about people, who has taken the plunge to follow their dreams, so inspiring! I also love Hanne's graphic designs, and I can't wait for the "Bat Cat", which Hanne has been so kind to send to me, to adorn my walls. I will make sure to show you, when I have found the right spot for it :-)

To top it all, Lovedales Studio ships world wide and you can find all Hanne's beautiful illustrations here.  

the moroccan pouf


Just like the Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs have gained ground in Scandinavian interior styling, so can you eye the Moroccan poufs on an increasing amount of gorgeous pics on Pinterest. Basically, I think it has something to do with the material and quality. Scandinavian interior is all about good quality items, preferably made from wool, wood, sheepskin, soft leather, marble... all these natural materials that connect the interior with the nature in one way or the other. And here, the Moroccan pouf fits perfectly. 
I definitely wouldn't mind adding one or two of these to my living room space. The only problem is though, which colour to choose? Do you have a favourite? 

If you are not planning a trip to Morocco any time soon, you can find a great selection of Moroccan poufs on Etsy.  

Enjoy your Saturday!

x Johanne

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As I told on Instagram yesterday (pic 1), I just received my new Krummi bird hanger. Krummi means raven in Icelandic, and the bird hanger is also designed by the Icelandic, Ingibjörg Hanna. Although the item is meant as an alternative way of displaying clothes and jewelry, I think it's perfect as a decorative item in itself, and I can't wait to find the perfect spot for it (although I will probably end up moving it around endlessly as I usually do with my favourite objects). 

As you can see, it both comes in black and white (and blue, pink and red actually), in two different sizes, and with both a hook or a wire. I bought mine at La Maison d'Anna G. Just a little tip for you. 

Happy Friday, dear readers!

x Johanne

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wood wood and some pastel


When I saw this apartment over at April and May, I immediately had to share it with you! Isn't it amazing? The apartment is located in Melbourne, which just shows how great the Australians' are, when it comes to capturing the Scandinavian aesthetics in their interior design. 

I love the bold use of plywood, the pastel shades, the efficient utilisation of space and the golden details in the bathroom and kitchen. Are you with me?

source: found via April and May
original source: Yellowtrace

instant love | @andlyyli

Time for another round of instant love. Behind the profile @andlyyli is the creative soul, Leila, who also is the mastermind behind the inspiring blog, Ligne Studio. I love the styling, the monochromagic colour palette and the soft minimalism in Leila's beautiful pictures. They never cease to inspire me. 

source: @andlyyli with kind permission 

my work space


Hah, you can see in which order I have taken the pictures :D
This is how my work space looks at the moment. Our office/guest room is such a nice space to sit in because it is so bright; however, the rest of the room have sort of been neglected for a long time now and needs a serious clean-up and redecoration - a great winter project I think. But for now, this is it. 

Enjoy the rest of your day!

x Johanne

pictures: Johanne Dueholm

wednesday wish list | preparing for fall

preparing for fall

I'm sitting inside, while it's raining cats and dogs outside and I can't help thinking that I better start preparing for the fall. So for this week's wish list I have gathered some items I think will make the fall more bearable. Don't get me wrong, I actually like fall, it's more the thought of having to wait so long for the spring and summer to come that makes it all a bit sad.

But enough with the melancholia, here are my wishes for the week: 

1. I definitely wouldn't mind keeping me warm with this nice blanket from Ferm Living / 2. They say blue is the new black, and I love the quilted texture of this midnight blue pillow / 3. I have a thing for sealskin (under the right conditions that is) and this pillow would go so nicely with the blue one / 4. Scented candles are a must in the dark season, and the new KOTO candle from the collaboration between Skandinavisk and Design Bloggers United is perfect / 5. I love this dandelion Flora cup from Royal Copenhagen and I think any hot beverage would taste just a little bit better if it was sipped from this cup / 6. Tea, preferably in nice packaging / 7. I'm impressed with Royal Copenhagen's new fluted dinnerware collections in black and blue, and can't wait to see them irl with my fingers. 

just stick it in a vase


When we went to the woods this weekend, my husband helped me pull some small oak trees out of the ground - he is always so supportive of my ideas :-) Now, the oak trees are placed in vases around the apartment as the keen eye already might have noticed on my Instagram profile.  

I have really come to like this idea of sticking small trees with roots and everything in vases, and I'm definitely not the only one - earlier today, the always inspiring Nina Holst also posted picture number  two on her blog, and it seems that we both have fallen for the oak tree with it's beautiful leaves in particular. 

Although it is way (WAY!) too soon to mention the word... Christmas, ahem, I really like the idea of sticking small conifers in vases as well as an alternative Christmas decoration.

So, are you heading for the woods any time soon?

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