I grew up at my parents' nursery, so I have always been surrounded with plants. Every time we went somewhere, my parents would walk around asking each other "isn't that an araucaria araucana?" or "isn't that a prunus serrulata?". Back then, I never really paid attention to all the Latin names, and although I might know the names of more plants than any of my peers today, my fingers are really not that green, - and yes, I have killed more house plants than I can count. However, I am and always will be a flower girl. They simply make me happy, and in my husband's moving speech to me at our wedding in June, he also called me his flower girl, so that sort of ascertains the fact I think :-) I buy flowers for myself both when I'm happy and when I'm having a bad day. They are one of those everyday luxuries that I really cherish, and this hydrangea is no exception. 

Do you have a favourite flower?


  1. Beautiful flower, sadly I think we don't have those here ( in Puerto Rico ) my favorite flowers are pink roses, tulips and lavender.

    1. Yes, it is so beautiful with all it's different shades of purple and green. However, I'm sure you have lots of other very beautiful and exotic flowers in Puerto Rico :-)


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