just stick it in a vase


When we went to the woods this weekend, my husband helped me pull some small oak trees out of the ground - he is always so supportive of my ideas :-) Now, the oak trees are placed in vases around the apartment as the keen eye already might have noticed on my Instagram profile.  

I have really come to like this idea of sticking small trees with roots and everything in vases, and I'm definitely not the only one - earlier today, the always inspiring Nina Holst also posted picture number  two on her blog, and it seems that we both have fallen for the oak tree with it's beautiful leaves in particular. 

Although it is way (WAY!) too soon to mention the word... Christmas, ahem, I really like the idea of sticking small conifers in vases as well as an alternative Christmas decoration.

So, are you heading for the woods any time soon?

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