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When we renovated our apartment, we went for the classic, all-white, grip free kitchen with white Corian counter top, black sink and black appliances. I really love our kitchen and wouldn't change it if I could, but I am also well aware that we went for a 'safe' choice, which in some eyes might border to the 'boring'. However, bearing in mind that we have to be able to sell the apartment again in three years or so, I think a white kitchen appears more appealing to the majority AND with the right accessories a white kitchen can easily be turned into something amazing.  

Although I'm a big fan of black and white (surprise, surprise), I find myself drawn to the soft pastel coloured palette - also when it comes to kitchens. I don't think, I will ever be brave enough to get a pastel kitchen, but I really like the above pictures, especially number one and four, they have so much character and such a calm atmosphere. 

What do you think? Are pastel kitchens go or no-go?  

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  1. I love pale pistachio kitchens - swoon! Currently renovating (come and look!) a black and white kitchen - we've installed a black sink too! - as my husband has won this time around :) I really love that pale green marble kitchen above!

    1. Haha,regardless of my love for pastel kitchens, I don't think I would ever be able to convince my husband of getting one :D But they sure are pretty - and just like you, I so love the combination of the pale green and marble counter :-) Nevertheless, it looks like your new kitchen is going to be amazing as well ;-)

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