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I can really spend hours browsing through Swedish real estate agents' websites. They just know how to style homes so that I immediately want to move in and leave all my own furniture behind (well, except my new string shelving system - I'm not ready to depart from that ;-)). And I really don't understand why Danish estate agents fall so much behind in comparison, when it seems so obvious that perfectly styled (dream) homes catch your attention much more than a typical, untidied, not thought out Danish home. The former might not be how reality looks, but if I am going to buy a place, I want to be able to dream big and imagine myself living out my dreams there - which can be hard to do, if you feel, you are going to move into a strange family's everyday clutter. 

Am I totally off the beam?

I'm not saying that you should totally get rid of all traces of personality and character. Quite the opposite actually, and the above is just another perfect example from the king of real estate: Fantastic Frank. Such a lovely home with lots of personality and a common thread throughout. I really love the white floors, the light wood and the creative storage solutions. 


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