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I often get questions about how I edit my pictures on Instagram (@scandinavianlovesong), so I thought I would share a few of my tips. I know there are billions of ways to do this, depending on your style and preferences, so these tips are just the ones I follow, but I would love to hear yours! 

1. Find your style and stick to it. When I start following a new IG profile, it's mainly because I find one, where there is a clear and distinct common thread throughout the feed that speaks to my personal style and aesthetics. That is for instance apparent in the profiles I have already recommended on the blog. Although my style has developed a lot since I started the account in January, I think a lot about not posting pictures that "disturb" the overall look of my feed too much.  

2. Take your pictures in as much natural daylight as possible. This might be one of my most important tips, because there is nothing worse than those grainy, dark pictures, is there? 

3. Style your pictures. Oh well yes, now you know. I don't live in the most tidy apartment in the world and my meals don't just happen to lie neatly on a plate surrounded by flowers and pretty napkins - as my brother-in-law happens to think :-D This might for some sound superficial - like I'm only showing a glittery and false version of my reality. And yes, that is to some extent true. But my aim is not to show you my mess or my dirty laundry - you don't want to see that :S I aim to take pretty pictures, partly because I think it's super fun and it's like a profound hobby to me, and partly because I hope I can inspire other like I myself is being inspired. However, although the pictures might be an aesthetic version of reality, it is still something that comes from within me, and something I have created. So my advise is to use your creativity and think about composition, details, light/shadows, colours, moods etc. Make your pictures tell a story.

4. Edit your pictures. There are a gazilion ways to edit your pictures, and for some, not editing at all is the ultimate goal. However, I mainly use the app VSCOcam. It does many of the things that Instagram's new editing tools do, but I find it more user-friendly and there are also a lot of nice filters you can apply. When I edit my pictures, I rarely use filters though, but I adjust the brightness, sharpness and saturation, and sometimes the shadows if necessary. Besides that, I use the app Framemagic for making my monthly collages (and the one above), and I recently discovered a new, cool app called TouchRetouch. I haven't tried to use it yet, but it basically gives you some of the tools from Photoshop that allow you to move and copy objects and even remove undesired objects from your pictures.  

Well that was it for now. Hope you find my tips useful, and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. And again - I would love, if you would share your best tips!  


  1. Hi Joanne, Thanks for sharing your apps. There is also a photoshop app, PS Express this one is easy to use, with the most important photoshop tools. Very helpfull too.

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