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magnolia, mad et len, scandinavian interior, via
magnolia, mad et len, scandinavian interior, via
magnolia, mad et len, scandinavian interior, via

Hello to you, my dear readers. Two weeks have passed since my last blog post. For those of you who follow me on instagram, you might already know the reason. Friday the 13th my dad passed away. He was diagnosed with cancer half a year ago, but still, his passing came much sooner and unexpected, than I had feared. He has gone through so much pain during his chemotherapy, so this was sadly the best thing that could happen to him. Now, he is finally at peace. In the middle of my grief, I try to find comfort in the thought that he had an unexpected good last day. He has been a gardener all his life, and he spent his last day in his garden, preparing it for spring.  

The last couple of weeks are kind of a blur to me, since I have been so occupied trying to deal with all the sad feelings and arranging his cremation service and emptying his house. It has been really tough, but I'm slowly finding the time and energy to return to my own everyday life and start blogging again, although it still might be a bit limited here in the near future. But now you know why.   
Hej med jer, mine søde læsere. To uger er gået, siden jeg sidst postede et indlæg, og dem af jer der følger mig på instagram, kender måske allerede grunden. Fredag d. 13. sov min far stille ind. Han fik konstateret kræft for et halvt år siden, men hans død kom alligevel meget hurtigere og mere uventet, end jeg havde frygtet. Han har virkelig lidt meget under sin kemobehandling, så det var i virkeligheden nok desværre det bedste, der kunne ske for ham. Nu har han endelig fået fred. Selvom det er hårdt at miste sin far, prøver jeg  at finde trøst i tanken om, at han havde en uventet god sidste dag. Han har været gartner hele sit liv, og selvom han normalt her til sidst ikke havde kræfter til at foretage sig så meget, brugte han den sidste dag i haven på at gøre den klar til foråret. 

De sidste knap to uger virker lidt som en tåge for mig, fordi al min tid er gået med at forsøge at håndtere sorgen, arrangere bisættelse og tømning af hans hus. Der er så småt ved at komme lidt mere ro på, og jeg er igen så småt ved at finde tiden og overskuddet til at vende tilbage til en hverdag og bloggen igen, omend det nok bliver lidt begrænset her i den nærmeste fremtid. Men nu ved I i hvert tilfælde hvorfor.  

<3 Johanne


  1. I am so so so sorry to hear this, at least he is at peace now xx
    Much love

  2. I wish you all the peace in the world and hope you feel better soon. Such a sad loss at least he is at peace now. much love xx

    1. Thank you so much <3 And yes, that really is the most comforting thought.

  3. Bonjour Johanne,
    I truly hope that you are having better days and peaceful moments now and then ! Try to remember the good times you shared with your dad celebrate his life!
    I had two sisters died of brain cancer within 10 years and have another (who resides in New Zealand and I cannot see her but enjoy talking to her almost everyday) she has non Hodgkins Lymphoma disease stage 3 and working so hard to see her garden grow. So with experience I tell you this ,
    Remember them with a smile and keep a happy photo of them somewhere that when you turn around you see a happy picture of them to which it makes you happy and greatful that you had them in your life!
    I wish you and all peace , love , lots of hugs and surprisingly ... cake! I know it sounds ridiculous but it tastes great with a cup of tea !!

    1. Dear Brigitte, thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a comforting comment <3 I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your two sisters - that is just so utterly unfair. Still, it sounds like you have a very positive view of life - which is a great inspiration. Thank you. And yes, cake (and ice cream) is always a good idea :-)
      xxx Johanne

    2. Well hello there ! So nice to hear from you today!
      Thank you for your kind response , and by the way ice cream with a drizzle of pure vanilla !!
      Johanne have a beautiful colorful day!!
      Brigitte Estelle xxx
      If you need a friend from Canada to talk with , you' re welcomed too write me

  4. I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you feel better soon. Kisses from Spain!

  5. Bonjour Johanne,
    It is me Brigitte Estelle again forgot to tell you that your pictures are so pretty you work very well,
    it is very cold in Montréal ,Québec right now and your flower pictures inspire me that spring will come through the frozen ground that I am standing on! Haha
    Thank you
    with love, from Canada
    Brigitte Estelle


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